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A:Well, for lunch, I normally go to the cafe downstairs to grab a sandwich or a bagel.

[wel,f?(r) l?nt?, a? ?n?:m?li g?? tu e??k?fe? ?da?n?ste?z tu `gr?b? ?s?nw?t? ?:(r) ? ?be?gl]


B:Those kinds of fried food are full of fat and salt, which can’t be good for your health.

[e??z `ka?ndzov fra?d fu:d a:(r) f?t ?nd s?:lt,w?t? kɑ:nt bi gud f?(r) j?:(r) ?helθi.]


Not guilty无罪

[n?t ?g?lti]

Customs Officers are quite tolerant these days, but they can still stop you when you are going through the Green Channel and have nothing to declare.

【?k?st?mz ??f?s?z ? kwa?t ?t?l?r?nt ei?z de?z, b?t ee? k?n st?l st?p j? w?n j? ? ?g???? θru? e? gri?n ???nl ?nd h?v ?n?θ?? t? d??kle?.】


Even really honest people are often made to feel guilty.

【?i?v?n ?r??li ??n?st ?pi?pl ?r ??f(?)n me?d t? fi?l ?g?lti.】


The hardened professional smuggler, on the other hand, is never troubled by such feelings, even if he has five hundred gold watches hidden in his suitcase.

【e? ?hɑ?dnd pr??f???nl ?sm?gl?, ?n ei ??e? h?nd, ?z ?n?v? ?tr?bld ba? s?? ?fi?l??z, ?iv?n ?f hi h?z fa?v ?h?ndr?d g??ld ?w???z ?h?dn ?n ?z ?sju?tke?s.】


When I returned form abroad recently, a particularly officious young Customs Officer clearly regarded me as a smuggler.

【w?n a? r??t??nd f??m ??br??d ?ri?sntli, ? p??t?kj?l?li ??f???s j?? ?k?st?mz ??f?s? ?kl??li r??gɑ?d?d mi ?z ? ?sm?gl?.】


'Have you anything to declare?' he asked, looking me in the eye.

【h?v j? ??n?θ?? t? d??kle??' hi ɑ?skt, ?l?k?? mi ?n ei a?.】


'No', I answered confidently.

【n??, a? ?ɑ?ns?d ?k?nf?d?ntli.】


'Would you mind unlocking this suitcase please?'

【w?d j? ma?nd ?n?l?k?? e?s ?sju?tke?s pli?z?'】


'Not at all,' I answered.

【n?t ?t ??l,' a? ?ɑ?ns?d.】


The Officer went through the case with great care.

【ei ??f?s? w?nt θru? e? ke?s w?e gre?t ke?.】


All the thing I had packed so carefully were soon in a dreadful mess.

【??l e? θ?? a? h?d p?kt s?? ?ke?fli w? su?n ?n ? ?dr?df?l m?s.】


I felt sure I would never be able to close the case again.

【a? f?lt ???r a? w?d ?n?v? bi ?e?bl t? kl??s e? ke?s ??g?n.】


Suddenly, I saw the Officer's face light up. He had spotted a tiny bottle at the bottom of my case and he pounced on it with delight.

【?s?dnli, a? s?? ei ??f?s?z fe?s la?t ?p.hi h?d ?sp?t?d ? ?ta?ni ?b?tl ?t e? ?b?t?m ?v ma? ke?s ?nd hi pa?nst ?n ?t w?e d??la?t.】

突然,我看到官员脸上露出了得意 的神色。他在我的箱底发现了一只小瓶,高兴地一把抓了起来。

'Perfume, eh?' he asked sarcastically. 'You should have declared that. Perfume is not exempt from import duty.'

【?p??fju?m, e??' hi ɑ?skt sɑ??k?st?k(?)li.j? ??d h?v d??kle?d e?t. ?p??fju?m z n?t ?g?z?mpt fr?m ??mp??t ?dju?ti.'】


'But it isn't perfume,' I said. 'It's hair gel.' Then I added with a smile, 'It's a strange mixture I make myself.'

【b?t ?t ??znt ?p??fju?m,' a? s?d. ?ts he? ??l.' e?n a? ??d?d w?e ? sma?l, ?ts ? stre?n? ?m?ks??r a? me?k ma??s?lf.'】


As I expected, he did not believe me.

【?z a? ?ks?p?kt?d, hi d?d n?t b??li?v mi?.】


'Try it!' I said encouragingly.

【tra? ?t!' a? s?d ?n?k?r????li.】


The officer unscrewed the cap and put the bottle to his nostrils.

【ei ??f?s?r ?n?skru?d e? ?k?p ?nd p?t e? ?b?tl t? ?z ?n?str?lz.】


He was greeted by an unpleasant smell which convinced him that I was telling the truth.

【hi w?z ?gri?t?d ba? ?n ?n?pl?znt sm?l w?? k?n?v?nst ?m e?t a? w?z ?t?l?? e? tru?θ.】


A few minutes later, I was able to hurry away with precious chalk marks on my baggage.

【? fju? ?m?n?ts ?le?t?, a? w?z ?e?bl t? ?h?ri ??we? w?e ?pr???s ???k mɑ?ks ?n ma? ?b?g??】


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